The History of Appanoose County, Iowa

Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1878

Transcribed by Renee Rimmert.    A complete copy of this book is available on-line at


agt - agent mach - machinist
carp - carpenter mech - mechanic
clk - clerk mar - merchant
co - company or county mfr - manufacturer
dlr - dealer mkr - maker
fmr - farmer P.O. - Post Office
gro - grower prop - proprietor
I.V.A. - Iowa Volunteer Artillery S. or Sec. - section
I.V.C. - Iowa Volunteer Cavalry st - street
I.V.I. - Iowa Volunteer Infantry supt - superintendent
lab - laborer treas - treasurer

Chariton Township

A  - G

Albert, S.W., watchmaker; P.O. Iconium.

Argo, Alex, far., Sec. 5; P.O. Iconium.

Argo, W.H., farmer, Sec. 4; P.O. Iconium; born in Pickaway Co., Ohio, in 1826.   He is a descendant of John Argo, who came from France in an early day and fought in the Revolutionary war; lived to be 105 years old.  Mr. Argo came to this country in 1855; owns 405 acres of land, valued at $8,000.  He has held the office of Justice of the Peace, and school offices.  Married Sarah Hoover in Ohio in 1852; she was born in Ohio in 1832; had nine children, eight are living - A.J., G.F., Susan J., James H., Mary, Minnie, W.L. (deceased), Sarah Emma, and baby not named.  Members of the M.E. Church; Greenbacker.

Bartlett, William, farmer, Sec. 30; P.O. Walnut City.

Beach, Irif, far., Sec. 14; P.O. Moravia.

Beer, J., far., S. 29; P.O. Walnut City.

Best, A.J., farmer, S. 21; P.O. Walnut City.

Best, J.W., far., S. 29; P.O. Walnut City.

Bohm, John, far., Sec. 19; P.O. Iconium.

Boyer, E.,far., Sec. 25; P.O. Moravia.

Boyer, S.G., far., Sec. 25; P.O. Moravia.

Breese, Oliver,far., Sec. 4; P.O. Iconium.

Bressler, S.,far., Sec. 4; P.O. Iconium.

Breese, T.,far., S. 9; P.O. Iconium.

Broshar, L.,far., Sec. 13; P.O. Moravia; born in Ripley Co., Ind., Aug. 10, 1841; his ancestors were residents of that State since the year 1800, in which his grandfather, Edward, settled in Switzerland Co. from Washington Co., Penn.; there his father, Zacharias, was born Oct. 12, 1804, and was one of the first white children born in that county.   At the age of 25, went to Ripley Co., Ind., and married Miss Mary Lineback; she was born in Ohio in 1810; in 1855, they came to this county, where she died in 1862, leaving five children; all settled in this county.  L. Broshar was 14 years of age when they settled in this township; he engaged in farming by renting, until 1862, then he purchased his first real estate - twenty acres of land; has added until he owns ninety acres of well- improved and productive land, valued at $30 per acre.  In 1862, he enlisted in the 36th I.V.I., Co. F; was at Helena, Little Rock, Elkins' Ford, Jenkins' Ferry; at the latter place was wounded; furloughed for three months, and was promoted to Fifth Sergeant, afterward to First Sergeant, and as such was mustered out at Duvall's Bluff Aug. 24, 1965.   Feb. 28, 1866, married Miss Mary E. Claar; born in Jackson Co., Ohio, in 1844; daughter of Joseph and Margaret C.; farmer; her father is still a resident of that county; her mohter died in 1851; they have four children - Albert E., born Jan 30, 1868; Cora M., Aug. 16, 1869; Harvey G., Nov. 1, 1871; Pearl C., June 7, 1876.  Master and Secretary of Grange and Secretary of Council.  Republican.  Has held the offices of Township Trustee and Clerk, Assessor and school offices.

Brown, E.,far., Sec. 9; P.O. Iconium.

Brown, I. M.,far., Sec. 9; P.O. Iconium.

Brees, Oliver,farmer, Sec. 4; P.O. Iconium; born in Franklin Co., Ind., 1830; his grandfather Brees was a Revolutionary soldier; born in Pennslyvania; afterward a very early settler of Iowa, where he purchased land of the Black Hawk Purchase; died in Lee Co. when 95 years of age.  The father of Mr. Brees was born in Pennsylvania; came to Lee Co., near West Point, in 1851, from Preble Co., Ohio; in 1858, came to this township, where he died in 1872 at the age of 64.  His mother was a native of New York; her father served in the war of 1812; was an early settler in Franklin Co., Ind.; in 1857, went to Kansas which he helped to make a free State; engaged in milling, and participated in the struggles of the Border States; in 1860, went to Iowa.  In 1861, enlisted in 3d Iowa Cavalry, Co. I; employed mostly in skirmishing; veteranized in 1863, and went out with Gen. Sturgis' Regiment, near Ripley, Miss.; lost everything; were taken prisoners and marched double-quick for twenty-five miles, the more severe as being cavalry were accustomed to ride, with no provisions; ninety of them were thrown in a hog- car and kept for seven days on the road to Andersonville; there they were fed on one and a half pint of meal, or one pint of mush per day, with occasionally a little fly-blown meat, all brought to the prison on the same carts on which the dead were taken away; they were constantly trying to escape; they dug 150 tunnels for that purpose, but few succeeded in escaping; many became so disheartened that they would go into the "dead lines' knowing that they would be shot immediately.  Mr. Brees was held with 35,000 other Union men with thirteen pieces of artillery bearing on them all the time until Oct. 1; the terrible experience turned his hair and beard gray in that time; then they were taken to Savannah prison; thence to Millen, Ga., Nov. 22; returning to Savannah, there they were fed like hogs by the negroes throwing provisions over the fence; were paroled, and while passing through the streets of Savannah the negroes would drop corn-dodgers and sweet-potatoes, which the poor fellows eagerly picked up; taken by steamer to Annapolis, Md., they received two months' pay and came home for twenty days; then returned to St. Louis; thence to Nashville; rejoined his regiment at Atlanta, Ga.; two months after was mustered out; arrived at his home August 1865.  The following winter, married Miss Edna Nicholson, daughter of James N., of Monroe Co., Iowa; she was born in Washington Co., Ind., 1839.  He engaged in farming, having purchased forty acres during the war, to which he has since added fifty acres, all valued at $20 per acre; they have two children - Blanche, born in 1874; Edgar, born in 1876.  Republican; members of M.E. Church.

Burns, Riley,blacksmith, Iconium.

Cain, Lawrence B.,far., S. 13; P.O. Moravia; born in Jefferson Co., Ohio, in 1817, son Walter Cain, Jr., born in Brooke Co., Va., Nov. 4, 1790; when Walter C., Jr. was married, his father gave him a farm in Jefferson Co. Ohio, where they settled; June 10, 1813, he married Miss Annie Naylor, born in Maryland in 1796, daughter of Samuel N., who was born Sept. 22, 1771; her mother Rebecca Peregoy, was born April 22, 1772; they were married Jan. 15, 1795; were early settlers of Jefferson Co., Ohio, where he died March 7, 1847, at the age of 76; she died Jan. 28, 1852, being 80 years of age.  At the age of 18, Lawrence went to Smithfield, Ohio, and learned the cabinet-maker's trade; at the death of his father, in February, 1831, he returned home, and remained until 34 years of age.   Feb. 13, 1851, he married Miss Sarah M. Smith, born in Morgan Co., Ohio, Aug, 15, 1833, daughter of Job G. and Elizabeth Smith (nee Sulivan) of that county, from Harrison Co., Ohio.  Removed to Linn Co., Iowa, in 1855; in 1856, to this county, where she now resides, in Walnut Township; he died in May 1873; Lawrence and his wife remained in Morgan Co., farming his mother's farm, until March 1855, when they came to Linn Co., Iowa, where he had entered land; one year and half after, removed to this county, and settled upon the farm he now owns, of 100 acres, valued at $30 per acre.  Had six children; three are living - Job P., born March 26, 1852; Wilimina J., born Sept. 3, 1854; Walter P., Jr., born April 21, 1857; died Sept. 30, 1858; Samuel K., born April 24, 1860, died Feb. 28, 1861; Rosienna L., born Oct, 21, 1863; Elizabeth S., born Oct. 25, 1866, died Sept. 23, 1868.    Members of the M.E. Church - he, since Oct. 21, 1852; she, since Aug. 10, 1844; Mr. Cain has been Class leader of that Church for four years, and Licensed Exhorter for three years; at the time of his coming to Appanoose Co., there was no church of that denomination in this vicinity; in 1858, he secured a minister, Jacob Delay, and organized a church in his township, which has since continued with regular service, and now numbers thirty or more members.  Republican. He has held school offices, etc.

Coulson, J.J.,far., Sec. 24; P.O. Moravia; born in Jefferson Co., Tenn., in 1839; son of William Coulson, born in Blount Co., Tenn., in 1810; married Margaret Slater, a resident of Knox Co., Tenn.; when J.J. was 12 years of age, they removed to this county, and settled in Taylor Tp., where his mother died, in 1853; his father married again, and still resides there; J.J. remained at home until of age; received a good common school education; has been engaged in farming and teaching for eighteen years, alternately teaching in winter and farming in summer.  In 1865, married Miss Chloe J. Hobert, daughter of Lemuel and Agnes Hobert, residents of this county, from Pennsylvania, since deceased - he, in 1858; she in 1876; they have six children - Florence A., Martha A., Willie F., Enos E., Eva and Charles M.   Greenbacker; members of the Christian Church.  Has held the offices of Township Trustee and Assessor.

Dessinger, Rev.,Iconium.

Dixon, Riley,farmer, Sec. 19; P.O. Walnut City; born in Ross Co., Ohio, Dec. 3 1816; he married Nancy Jane Thompson in Ross Co., Ohio, Nov. 14, 1847; she was born in Pennsylvania in 1826; they have six children - Thomas Levi, George Washington, Mary Ellen, John Riley, William and Elizabeth Jane; has 90 acres of land, valued at $25 per acre.  He came to this State in 1856, settled first in Monroe Co.; he has a good farm which he made by his energy; Mrs. Dixon's father, Thos. Thompson, was a soldier in the Revolutionary war, was wounded with a spear; his father died with the cholera in Ohio.  Republican.

Dodge, E.,far., S. 11; P.O. Moravia.

Doggett, A.H.,far., S. 14; P.O. Moravia.

Dykes, Nathaniel,farmer, Sec. 28; P.O. Walnut City; born Dec. 26, 1843, in Greene Co., Tenn.; in 1845, his father, James, native of same county, removed to this county, settled in this township, where he died in 1854; his mother, Mary, (nee Brannon), of Irish descent, born in that county, died in 1863.  At the age of 17, Nathaniel enlisted in Co. M, 3d Iowa V.C.; was at Pea Ridge, and engaged in skirmishing and scouting for one year; mustered out at St. Louis in June 1862.  March 18, 1863, married Miss Mary Bartlett, born in Davis Co., Iowa, in 1842, died Feb. 16, 1866; he then married Miss Cynthia Stark, born in this county Jan. 11, 1858, daughter of Wm. N. and Nancy J.D.,(nee Baker,) early settlers of this county, from Indiana.   They have two children - Mary E., born in May 1876; Martha A., Dec. 19, 1877; fall of 1868, he purchased 40 acres of land, to which he has added 206, a total of 246 acres, valued at $20 per acre.  Democrat.

Elswick, James,farmer, Sec. 9; P.O. Iconium.

Evans, James,physician, Iconium.

Flener, William,farmer, Sec. 24; P.O. Moravia.

Foster, Elihu,far., Sec. 27; P.O. Walnut City.

Free, John,farmer and stock grower, Sec. 8: P.O. Iconium; born in Randolph Co., N.C., in 1830; his parents, Wm. and Sarah, both natives of that county, and married there, were farmers; in 1835, emigrated to Hendricks Co., Ind.; his father died two years after; his mother lived with her children until 1852, when she died; soon after, John came to this county with but a horse, saddle and bridle, now owns 884 acres, valued at $20 per acre.  In 1854, married Miss Harriet E. Sheeks, daughter of Samuel S., a resident of this county since 1850, from Lawrence Co., Ind., where she was born in 1835.  They have eight children - Henrietta C., Cora M., Ida M., William H., Sarah P., Ira H., Matilda E. and John I.  Mrs. Free is a member of the Christian Church.   He has held the office of Town Trustee and several other offices.   He enlisted in 1862 in Co. F, 36th Iowa V.I.; was at Helena, Little Missouri, Prairie de Ann, Mark's Mill, there captured and taken to Tyler, Tex., for nine months; thence, after being exchanged, to the mouth of Red River; thence to New Orleans, and home for thirty days, and returned to his regiment at St. Charles in 1865; mustered out in September 1865, at Duvall's Bluff.

Funkheauser, Daniel,retired farmer.

Funkhouser, G.H.,far., S. 16; P.O. Iconium.

Funkhouser, John,far., S. 3; P.O. Iconium.

Gillis, Albert,farmer, Sec. 24; P.O. Moravia.

Gladfelter, William,farmer and stock-grower, Sec. 24; P.O. Moravia; born in York Co., Penn., in 1809; at the age of 18, with his father, Casper G., native of the same county, removed to Guernsey Co., Ohio; his mother, Mary (nee Amig), was also born in York Co.; she died three years after their arrival in Guernsey Co.; his father remained there until his death.  At the age of 22, he learned the carpenter's trade, at which he worked for twenty years.   In 1834, married Miss Mary Cline, from Shenandoah Co., Va., in 1813, daughter of John Cline who was born in Virginia in 1761; a blacksmith by trade; removed to Guernsey Co., Ohio, with his family in 1818, where he died in 1841; her mother Catherine G., nee Black, was born in Virginia in 1771; they were married in 1894; she died in Guernsey Co., Ohio, in 1847.  In 1853, came to his county and settled on the farm he now owns, consisting of 277 acres, valued at $25 per acre.   They have five children - Lydia A., George, John C., Susan and Thomas.   Republican; members of the M.E. Church.  Held the office of Township Trustee in Ohio.  Member of the Sons of Temperance.

Graham, J.S.,farmer and blacksmith, Sec. 11; P.O. Iconium; born in Ashtabula Co., Ohio, in 1834; son of Benjamin Graham, a farmer, born in Canada, fifteen miles from Niagara Falls, in 1808; settled in Ohio in 1824; removed to Lee Co., Iowa, where he now resides; his mother, Mary (nee Large), was born in Pennsylvania in 1811; they were married in that State, near the Ohio line, in 1830; came to Lee Co., where she died in 1841; his father again married, and is still a resident of Lee Co.  In 1856, J.S. married Miss Maria Denover; born in Guernsey Co., O., in June 1836; daughter of J.W. and Elizabeth D., of Lee Co., Iowa; she died in May 1862, leaving two children - James H., born in May 1858, died in 1873; James A., born May 2, 1862; he married Miss Hannah M. McKerr, daughter of John and C.C. McK.; she was born in Henry Co., Iowa, in 1846; have two children - John W., born in 1865; Gillie G., born in 1874.  Soon after first marriage, they came to this county, where he now owns 132 acres of land, valued at $20 per acre; in 1864, was drafted and, with others, participated at Nashville, Kingston and in following Hood through Georgia and Alabama, thence by water to Goldsboro, N.C., where they joined the 13th Iowa Infantry, and were mustered out at Louisville, July 22, 1865.  Greenback; members of the Christian Church.  He holds the office of Tp. Trustee.