Towns and Townships

Towns of Adams County - Past & Present

According to the 1984 Adams County History Book, on March 12, 1853, "the county began its legal existance under authority of the Legislature of Iowa, for the purpose, at which time its territory was composed of 36 congressional townships, including the present counties of Union and Montgomery. This territory was divided into three civil townships, the settlers of Union Township voting at the Mormon cabins, called Pisgah, and those of Montgomery Township voting at the cabin of Amos Lowe on the Nishna-botna, while those of Quincy Township, comprising Adams County, voted at the house of Samuel Baker, in the cabin still standing (in 1890) on the Lewis J. Jeffrey estate in Douglas Township."
"Union County organized for itself after a partnership of 30 days, and Montgomery set up a local organization in 1854, leaving Adams with 12 congressional townships."

Town/Township Location
Briscoe Section 3, Lincoln Twp 1881-1903
Brooks Section 7, Jasper Township
Brookville name changed to Brooks
Canaan Section 7, Jasper Twp 1857-1860 name changed to Simpson in 1860, then to Brooks
Carbon Section 12, Jasper Township
Carl had Post Office 1858-1907
Carson Section 12, Douglas Twp shown on maps 1875
Corning Sections 33-35, Quincy Township, Sections 2-3, Jasper Township
East Nodaway Section 21, Nodaway Twp 1869-1875 name changed to Rochelle
Eureka Section 33, Washington Twp 1881-1900
Hayes Section 15, Lincoln Twp 1881-1903
Hoyt Section 27, Douglas Twp 1889-1900
Icaria Section 31, Prescott Twp and village 1855-1857
Iveyville Section 31, Mercer Twp 1893-1900
Lincoln Center Section 15, Lincoln Township
Mercer Center Section 15, Mercer Township
Mount Etna Section 15, Washington Township
Mount Washington Section 25, Washington Twp 1863-1867
Nevinville Section 2, Colony Township
Nodaway Section 21, Nodaway Township
Prescott Section 23, Prescott Township
Queen City Section 25, Quincy Twp 1859-1869
Quincy Section 17, Quincy Twp 1855-1900
Rochelle Section 21, Nodaway Twp
Shinn Section 12, Douglas Twp 1885
Simpson 1861-1869 later named Brooks
Strand Section 31-32, Lincoln Twp 1889-1903 Norwegian settlement
Summit Union Township
Windyville Washington Twp 1880-1900 mining camp