News & Newspapers


Serving as daily (or weekly) diaries of local communities and their inhabitants, newspapers are excellent sources of family history. They provide a wonderful, resource for genealogists, providing accounts of events not recorded elsewhere. Newspapers not only provide the expected birth announcements and obituaries, but also announcements of anniversaries, legal notices, letters to the editor, and social columns filled with local news of a more personal nature.

Adams county has had several newspapers throughout the years. Some of these are available on microfilm at the State Historical Society.

Listed below are known newspapers published at one time in Adams county.   



Adams county gazette 1867 - 1904? weekly
title varies: Gazette
published in Quincy, 1867 - 1869
published in Corning, 1869 - 1904


Adams County Free Press Feb. 2, 1833 - Current. weekly


Adams County Union 1874 - 1898. weekly
merged with Republican to become Adams County Union-Republican
continues: True Union


Adams County Union - Republican 1898 - 1929. weekly
formed by merger of Republican and Adams County Union
absorbed by: Adams county free press


The colored advance August 1, 1882 - ? semi-monthly
ethnic black


Courant 1877 - 1879? weekly
minor political party




The Nodaway Valley News 1901 - 1913. weekly
continued by: Valley Press


Valley Press 1913 - 1915? weekly
continues: Nodaway Valley News



Adams County Argus1899? - 1905? Weekly
continues: Prescott Advocate
continued by: Prescott Argus


Prescott advocate 1889? - 1899?
continued by: Adams county argus


Prescott Argus 1906? - 1921. Weekly
continues: Adams county Argus


Chronicle 1883 - 1886? weekly



Adams county telegraph 1871 - 1872? weekly


Western Iowa Journal 1870 - 1871? unknown
title varies: Quincy Journal
continues: Queen City Leader