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Dec 2012 -- This website was launched with an initial 105 Servicemen Surnames. That number continues to grow daily. Check back often to view and read all the updates to these county pages.

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Sgt. John L. Sunberg

Montgomery Co.

*Above Feature Link will change often. Wow, What awsome WWII history on these pages!


The Service Men and Women **pages are updated with additional information often, as more old news items, photos and/or bios and obituaries are found. These history items are essential in completing the stories of these individuals who served during WWII from Iowa.




This website was launched befittingly on the 71st Anniv. of the United States involvement in WWII, 12/7/2012.

Seventy-one years ago, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, brought the U.S. into World War II. In his address asking Congress for a declaration of war, President Franklin D. Roosevelt called Dec. 7, 1941, a date that "will live in infamy."


May 2018

ServiceMEN stories Posted in May May Page Updates
Benton 1  
Buena Vista 1  
Cass 1  
Cerro Gordo   1*
Cherokee 1  
Clay 1  
Dallas   1
Hancock 18*  
Hardin 27* 2*
Harrison 43*  
Henry 32*  
Ida 18* 1*
Iowa 32*  
Jackson 25*  
Jones 28*  
Keokuk 1  
Kossuth 6 2
Lyon 1  
Monona 3 1
Montgomery 1  
O'Brien 3 4
Plymouth 2 3
Sioux 1  
Webster 1  
Woodbury 65 20

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April 2018

ServiceMEN stories Posted in April April Page Updates
  490 60

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March 2018

ServiceMEN stories Posted in March

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- Kossuth County--World War II Army Casualties [69 Army Dead are listed as of January 31, 1946]

- WWII - Iowa Volunteers: USO worker, Alda Graves

- WWII - Iowa Volunteers: Red Cross Workers, DesMoines, Polk County

- WWII - Iowa Volunteers: Civilian Contractors-later granted Military status, Wright County

February 2018

ServiceMEN stories Posted in Feb

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- Red Cross news items = [3]

*Suggested Post by Iowa in WWII researcher, Pat Holt Juon:

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North Iowa Marines share stories of service in Iwo Jima, Okinawa during World War II -- by Ashley Miller, Globe-Gazette, November 10, 2016

January 2018

ServiceMEN stories Posted in January

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**Special Recognition to three very dedicated WWII research volunteers! #1. Pat Holt Juon has shared her Iowa WWII Servicemen research. Every county has submissions from Pat."Pat, what a great service you are doing by sharing all this Iowa research." As the days go forward, more & more of Pat's contributions will be on these pages! Pat has been researching & sharing all year long! The * behind the county numbers indicates number of contributions from Pat for that county.

#2. Terry Hirsch is also sharing and contributing Iowa in WWII research....At present most of the ServiceWomen contributions are coming from Terry. Terry is doing a fabulous job. You will see notations on this What's New page over the last year (see below) of Terry's other contributions, besides the high numbers of ServiceWomen submitted by Terry each month.

**Also from August through October 2017, Terry Hirsch, researched, transcribed & submitted 165 WWII news articles about Iowans, written by Iowa native, Frank Miles, war correspondent. Miles wrote about & interviewed WWII servicemen and women from Iowa as he lived along side them in the war theater. Check this out: Iowa Daily Press War Correspondent, Frank Miles -- Read his news coverage mentioning those serving from IOWA.

AND #3 Contributor is Iowa in WWII's Assistant Coordinator, Connie Swearingen. Connie submits all kinds of detail (mainly from NW Iowa). Great Work! This site's progress & content could not be accomplished without these 3 ladies and so many other contributors!!!


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