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Name of Veteran Home County
Drewelow, Raymond J. Chickasaw
Estill, Shannon Eugene Linn
Griswold, Gerald W. Buchanan
Hess, Donald W. Woodbury
Nodland, Franklin Merrill Marshall

Washington, D. C. – (AP) – The Department of the Army announced yesterday the names of 60 Iowans whose bodies are being returned to the United States aboard the USS Joseph V. Connolly in accordance with the wishes of next of kin.

The first of the nation’s World war II dead to be returned from Europe will arrive at New York today when the Connolly enters New York’s flower-strewn harbor with the bodies of 6,200 American servicemen. Officials of the federal, state and city governments and the combined military services will join with thousands of citizens in honoring the heroic dead and their relatives. ~Waterloo Daily Courier, Sunday, October 26, 1947

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