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Cpl. Arline Tichenor



Five Iowa women took the women's army auxiliary corps oath from Capt. Robert Jacques at the army recruiting office Saturday. They are (left to right) Alice Barden, Cedar Rapids; Kathryn Bolte, Sioux City; Dorothy Hanft and Arline Tichenor, both of Davenport, and Esther Patterson, 2540 Des Moines st.

Eight more Iowa women were sworn in Saturday as auxiliaries (privates) in the women's army auxiliary corps at Des Moines army recruiting offices. They were:

Miss Esther Patterson, 30, a laboratory technician, of 2540 Des Moines st; Miss Nina Talbott, 25, of 2131 Cottage Grove ave; Pauline Giannoble, 24, a photograph printers, of 2900 S.W. Ninth st; Chassi L Belvel, 25, a domestic worker, of 51 S.W. Thirty-fifth st, Kathryn M. Bolte, 21, an officer worker. of Sioux City; Arline Tichenor, 28, a cosmetologist of Davenport; Dorothy Hanft, 23, an office worker of Davenport and Alice C. Barden, 23, of Cedar Rapids.

Source: The Des Moines Register, August 9, 1942 (photo included)

'Letter to a Boy in Service' column by John O'Donnell

A couple of cousins have a good word to say about women's part in the war. They should know for they are in two branches of service. Corp. Arline Tichenor has been seeing the country via the WACs. She was sworn in at Ft. Des Moines after which she attended the Army radio school at Kansas City and learned so well that her officers have seen fit to send her to Ft. Oglethorpe, Boise, Colorado Springs and Salinas, Kans. After completing her 15 day furlough she will return to Salinas. I asked the comely young lady why they chose radio. Her reply, while confusing, was interesting. "Well you see I used to ride a bicycle, which acquainted me with transportation. So I wound up in radio." You figure that one out.

Her cousin, Spl. 3/c Helen Zuber, chose the WAVES when she joined last April. After completing her work at Hunter college, she went to Atlanta for special training and the reported to Clinton, Oklahoma, as a link trainer instructor. As an indication that women have a place in this war, let it be known that Helen's pupils are men, not women.

Corp. Arline has a brother, Cpl. Arno Tichenor in the Army. He is now recovering from wounds suffered in the New Georgia campaign at a hospital in Auckland, New Zealand. Spl. (3/c) Helen has two brothers in service, Sergt. Arvind at Camp Rucker, Ala. and S 2/c Ernest, somewhere across the ocean with the Seabees. She has seen one Davenporter along the way. Kathleen West, while Corp. Arline has visited with Corp. Fleming of this city.

Source: Quad City Times, November 28, 1943 (photo of the cousins included)

OVERSEAS - Corp. Arline Tichenor of the Women's Army Corps and her brother, Corp. Arno W. Tichenor, who formerly resides at 933 Harrison street, are both serving in the army overseas. Corp. Arline, a radio technician with the Ninth army air force, is now in England. She was formerly employed at the Smart Set beauty shop. Her brother Corp. Arno, was recently discharged from a New Zealand hospital after being treated for wounds received at New Georgia. Tichenor wears the Purple Heart, and is assigned to the office staff of a Pacific medical detachment. He was inducted into the army in May, 1942, and has been overseas for two years.

Source: Quad City Times, October 1, 1944 (photo included)