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Mrs. Jolande Thompson


Buffalo Woman to Take WAVE Training

Mrs. Jolande Thompson of Buffalo, Ia., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hall, 3202 Harrison street, Davenport left Feb. 9, for Hunter college in New York City to begin her boot training in the WAVES. She enlisted Jan. 7 in Davenport.

Her husband, Lloyd E. Thompson, is at the US Naval Training Station at Farragut, Idaho.

Mrs. Thompson is a graduate of Buffalo high school and was employed at the Douglas Air Craft Co in California.

Source: The Daily Times, February 15, 1944 (photo included)

WAVE of the Day

Mrs. Jolande Thompson, 613 South Dittmer street, is on her way back to base after a 15-day leave which she spent in Longbeach, Calif., visiting her husband, Lloyd Thompson, radioman, second class. They both enlisted in the navy last February.

Mrs. Thompson took her "boot training" at Hunter college and then took advance training at the United States naval hospital, Bethesda, Md. She is now stationed at the navy hospital at Great Lakes, Ill.

Mrs. Thompson is very enthusiastic about her training in the hospital corps, and recommend it for all girls interested in serving in the WAVES.

Source: The Daily Times, July 4, 1944 (photo included)