Fayette County

T/5 Hilda E. Tessmer


3 IN FAMILY SERVE -- A daughter and 2 sons of Mrs. Martha Tessmer of Waucoma, are serving their country in foreign lands. Hilda, a 1943 WAC volunteer, received her training at Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., and Fort Meade, S. Dak., arrived in Australian soil May 15 this year. Arthur Tessmer, chief warrant officer, volunteered 2 years ago and receive basic training in Alaska where he had been a high school instructor for 8 years. Pvt. Edwin Tessmer arrived in England last May where is is in post exchange and general hospital work. He was trained at Fort Snelling, Minn and Salina, Kans.

Source: The Globe-Gazette, Mason City IA - July 27, 1944 (photo included)

WAC Sees War Horror in Manila

Waucoma - Mrs. Martha Tessmer received a letter from her daughter, Cpl. Hilda Tessmer, WAC, stating that she landed safely in Manila from New Guinea.

She reports the city is in ruins and that prices are sky high. A dish of ice cream costing 10 cents in the Untied States, there is $1; a 10 cents card of bobby pins $4 and a meal $5 to $10, with very little to eat.

They can hear the firing of guns incessantly nd the horrors of the war can be seen on every hand.

Source: The Globe-Gazette, Mason City IA - May 17, 1945

Waucoma Woman Discharged From Army

Waucoma -- T/5 Hilda E. Tessmer arrived from Manila for an indefinite visit with her mother, Mrs. Martha Tessmer and other relatives.

Miss Tessmer volunteered Feb. 5, 1943 and has been stationed in Australia, Hollandia, New Guinea and lastly Manila, 12 miles behind the battle lines in a camp overlooking Gen. Douglas MacArthur's home and Lake Senatani.

The S.S. Evangeline left Manila Oct. 4 with 1,200 on board, 700 of whom were service women and landed in San Francisco, Cal., Oct 22, where all were sent to various separation centers.

Miss Tessmer was sent to Fort Sheridan, Ill., where she was discharged.

Source: The Globe-Gazette, Mason City IA - November 8, 1945