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Margaret Marie Taylor





WAVE of the Day

Margaret Marie Taylor, seaman second class in the WAVES, 1854 Oak street, Bettendorf, has completed her basic training and indoctrination course at the Naval Training School, the Bronx, New York, and has received orders to report for further instructions at Bethesda, Md., where she will be a hospital apprentice in the United States Naval corps school.

She is a graduate of Davenport high school and also attended the Bettendorf schools. Prior to entering the service she was employed at the Rock Island Arsenal.

She has two brothers in the service, Lt. William J. Taylor, United States army and Vern L. R. Taylor, seaman first class, with the navy in the South Pacific.

Source: The Daily Times, Davenport IA - June 24, 1944 (photo included)

Margaret Marie Taylor, pharmacist's mate, third class, recently received her discharge from the WAVES in San Francisco, and has returned to Davenport.

Miss Taylor, a graduate of Davenport high school, entered the service in April, 1944, received her training at Hunter college, and for the past 22 months has been stationed at the Oakland, Calif, Naval hospital. Before her enlistment she was employed by the Rock Island arsenal.

Her brother, Lt. William J. Taylor, returned from Japan early in February and is now visiting in Springfield, Mo., on terminal leave.

Lt Taylor entered the service Jan 10, 1942, and served as an instructor in tank destroyers at Camp Hood, Tex., before going overseas last summer.

Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. William C. Taylor, reside at 1854 Oak street, Bettendorf.

Source: The Daily Times, Davenport IA - March 1, 1946 (photo included)