Polk County

Miss Nina Talbott



Six Iowa women, applicants for enlistment in the WAAC as basic auxiliaries (private), line up at the army recruiting office for a ride to Fort Des Moines army post. From left are Charlotte James, Charlotta Evans, Nina Talbott, Margaret Bultman, Mabel Clark and Miriam Holst. They expected to take the WAAC oath after final physical examination and interviews.

Source: The DesMoines Tribune, August 7, 1942 (photograph included)

Eight more Iowa women were sworn in Saturday as auxiliaries (privates) in the women's army auxiliary corps at Des Moines army recruiting offices. They were:

Miss Esther Patterson, 30, a laboratory technician, of 2540 Des Moines st; Miss Nina Talbott, 25, of 2131 Cottage Grove ave; Pauline Giannoble, 24, a photograph printers, of 2900 S.W. Ninth st; Chassi L Belvel, 25, a domestic worker, of 51 S.W. Thirty-fifth st, Kathryn M. Bolte, 21, an officer worker. of Sioux City; Arline Tichenor, 28, a cosmetologist of Davenport; Dorothy Hanft, 23, an office worker of Davenport and Alice C. Barden, 23 of Cedar Rapids.

Source: The Des Moines Register, August 9, 1942