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Major Lillian Sailer Stokes




Miss Sailer holds the rank of captain in the Army nurses corps where she is now serving with the armed forces somewhere in the Southwest Pacific area. After graduating from Bagley High school she went to the University of Iowa where she took her nursing training and later she worked civilian service for seven years. She joined the Army last year as a second lieutenant. Her mother, Mrs. Charles Sailer, lives in Dawson.

Source: The Bayard News, August 5, 1943

Major Lillian Sailer Stokes, Army Nurse Corps, is on 45 days active duty at Fort Sam Houston as assistant to Lt. Colonel August Shirt, Chief Nurse of the Fourth Army. Her principal assignment is the recruiting program for nurses for both the regular army and the reserves.

Major Stokes, a reserve officer, served 28 months in the Pacific in World War II as Chief Nurse of the 8th General Hospital on New Caledonia and of the 374th General hospital in Tinian and as Chief Nurse of the Guadalcanal Island Command.

She is a graduate of Bagley high school and the University of Iowa School of Nursing. Her mother, Mrs. Charles Sailer, lives in Scranton. Major Stokes permanent address is Goldthwaite, Texas.

Source: The Bayard News, November 7, 1949 (photo included)