Hamilton County

Beryl Smart Nelson


WAVE Beryl Smart Nelson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Smart of Webster City, was crossing the country in a slow train en route from New York City to her post at a government hospital in San Diego. Just ahead of their train was a trainload of sailors.

As they pulled into a city to spend some time the disembarking WAVES found there was no stool to step from the cars to the ground. Instead, a group of grinning and welcoming sailors from the train ahead waited to lift the WAVES from the cars.

WAVE NELSON JUMPED DOWN INTO THE WAITING ARMS OF HER OLD FRIEND SEAMAN EARL WARREN, son of Mr. and Mrs. P.C. Warren of Webster City. Neither knew the other was within ten thousand miles.

Source: Daily Freeman Journal, Oct. 21, 1943

Beryl Bernadean Smart was born Dec. 27, 1921 to Earl A. and Hazel V. Smart. She joined the Navy in 1943 as Beryl Smart Nelson.

Beryl married Richard Hildreth, son of Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Hildreth of Ankeny in 1948. They made their home in Ankeny and both are buried in Ankeny Memorial Gardens. Beryl died Sept. 14, 1996.

Source: ancestry.com