Polk County

Elaine V. Kusel





Six Des Moines Girls Join the Marines

Looking forward to the day when they each will relive a marine for overseas duty, these Des Moines girls enlisted in the marines corps women's reserve. They will leave today for New River, N.C. for basic training.

They are shown receiving their final orders from Sergt. Emily M. Frederick (right). The girls (left to right) are Martha V. Rose, 3749 E. University ave; Margaret L. Ackerland, 1902 E. Twenty-fourth st; Elaine V. Kusel, 1211 Fifty-sixth st; Maryellen Reese, 11234 E. Ninth st; Grace M. Hodson, 2900 Allison ave; and Marion L Duran, 1906 Forty-sixth st.

Source: The DesMoines Register, February 7, 1944 (photo included)