Black Hawk County

Anna Marjorie Kremenak






A letter has been received by Mr. and Mrs. Anton Kremenak, Route 3, from their son Lt. (j.g.) Charles A Kremenak, in which he cites the privations endured by the inhabitants of Messina, Italy, urging all Americans to "get down on your knees and thank God for the privledge of living in the United States..."

Lieutenant Kremenak, who is serving with the armed guard on a freighter ship, has been at sea 18 months

A sister, Agnes Helen Kremenak, has been promoted from hospital apprentice first class to pharmacists mate third class in the hospital corps of the Waves, after less than six months in service. She is stationed at the U.S. Naval hospital in Astoria, Ore.

Another sister, Anna Marjorie, recently completed two years training in the army cadet nurse corps. She is currently stationed at Children's Memorial hospital, Chicago.

Source: The Courier, Waterloo, IA - June 15, 1945