Polk County

Phyllis Krell



Enlists on Birthday

It's a big day for Phyllis Krell, 3824 Cottage Grove ave., so that oversized candle on her cake really coincides with the occasion. Miss Krell celebrated her twentieth birthday Monday by becoming a member of the WAVES at the navel recruiting station old federal building.

Source: Des Moines Tribune, October 25, 1943 (photo included)


These new WAVE inductees, four of a group of 58 recruits from Iowa now training at Hunter college, N.Y., had their cake and ate it, too when the Des Moines Panhellenic association served them coffee and cake Tuesday afternoon at the U.S.O. headquarters, 615 Locust st. Munching pastry are from left to right, Margaret Schultz, Van Horn, Ia; Rebecca Steele and Phyllis Krell, both of Des Moines, and Lois Anderson, Ames, Ia.

Source: Des Moines Tribune, November 17, 1943 (photo included)