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Cpl. Jeanne M. Krebs


Cpl. Jeanne Krebs Often Sees Herself On WAC Posters

Walking into theaters and bank lobbies and seeing yourself on posters urging young women to join the Women's Army corps is an everyday experience to Cpl. Jeanne M. Krebs of Cedar Rapids, who is now recruiting Wacs in Minneapolis.

Because Cpl. Krebs is photogenic, she has been used in one photograph after another to advertise the WAC. The public relations department of the recruiting service climaxed its use of her recently by distributing life-sized cardboard likenesses of her.

Cpl. Krebs joined the WAC March 29, 1943 and after basic training at the First Wac training center, Des Moines, attended the army administration school at Conway, Ark., for eight weeks. She was then assigned in the army air base at Dyersburg, Tenn.

She was one of hundred of air force personnel selected last November to engage in recruiting Wacs and was assigned to the Twin Cities area.

The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Krebs, 367 Woodland drive SE, Cpl. Krebs was graduated from high school here and she attended Coe college. For a short time she did modeling in California.

Source: The Cedar Rapids Gazette, July 31, 1944 (photo included)

Horizon Tan -- A new shade, called horizon tan, is the color of the new WAC winter dining and dancing dress, modeled by Corp. Jeanne M. Krebs of the Women's Army Corps. The dress is soft wool, and may be worn for off-duty activity in place of the regulation uniform.

Source: The Cedar Rapids Gazette, October 4, 1944 (photo included)