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Cpl. Anne Kowell




Pfc. Anne Kowell, of the WAC motor corps, has returned to Camp Edwards, Mass., after spending a 15-day furlough with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Kowell, 332 Webster street. Before her induction in 1942, Miss Kowell was employed at the Rath Packing company.

Source: The Courier, Waterloo IA - August 24, 1943 (photo included)

Anne Kowell, formerly of 332 Webster street, was promoted to corporal this week at Camp Edwards, Mass, WAC training center.

Source: The Courier, Waterloo, IA - October 10, 1943

Where Are Those GI Janes Since They've Again Become Civilians?

What has happened to those Waterloo girls who looked so smart in Wave, Wac or Spar uniforms, traveled the country and the world and the were discharged from service to return to civilian life?
Well, many of them were married while in the service and have settled in other states or brought their husbands to Waterloo to live. Still others entered new fields of work and have gone on to college through the benefits of education provision of the GI bill of rights.


The Misses Anne Kowell, Wanda Telford and Frances Bukoff entered the Wacs at the same time and, since their discharges, have all been employed by Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. Miss Kowell is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James K. Kowell, 322 Webster street, and Miss Bukoff is the daughter of Mrs. Fannie Bukoff, 409 Cottage street. Acclaimed one of the world's shortest Wacs was Miss Telford, who is the daughter of the Frank Telefords, 924 Logan avenue.

Source: The Courier, Waterloo, IA - Sunday, March 9, 1947