Scott County

Pfc. LaVon Koontz



Pvt. Wilma A. Koontz of the Women's Army Corps and her son, Pfc. Paul J. Koontz are both spending furloughs at home, while a sister of Pfc. Koontz, Miss La Von Koontz, is engaged in training as a cadet nurse at St. Luke's hospital.

They are the wife and children of Leo J. Koontz, 817 West Seventeenth street. A second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Koontz, Mary Beth, is employed in the petroleum division of the department of the interior in Washington, D.C

Pvt. Kootz was formerly employed with the Purcell Printing Co. and is now stationed in the transportation division at the Boston, Mass. army base.

Source: The Daily Times, Davenport IA - March 19, 1945 (photo included)