Plymouth County

Irene Kohl



IRENE KOHL--of LeMars is in charge of the Red Cross office in the hospital at Camp Howze. Miss Kohl, who has three years now, takes care of the medical and family problems of the men who are sick in the hospital. She is the Army end of the Red Cross field service represented in LeMars by Mrs. Ethel _____. If the soldier patients at the hospital don't get their mail, or are unable to write, Miss Kohl takes care of their correspondence for them. If they are in a very serious condition, she corresponds with their families and meets them at the train if they come to visit the patients. Her goal is to ease the strains due to absence from home under war conditions, and she works with the doctors and medical nurses. The Red Cross nurses wear uniforms of gray instead of white, and their field is in the line of public welfare rather than in a strictly medical sense. Miss Kohl spent 11 years in public welfare work. She was a graduate of Union Consolidated school and then attended Morningside College, specializing in social service.

Source: The LeMars Globe-Post, March 18, 1943