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Kathleen Knebel


SEVEN EASTERN IOWA GIRLS...were sworn into the Waves in Cedar Rapids Saturday as a special navy recruiting board ended a three-day turn of duty in the city. Administering the oath is Lieut. C.W. Muilenberg. When called for active duty in two or three weeks, the girls will report to Hunter college in New York City. From left: Elizabeth Fesler, Riverside; Dorothy Donegan, Cedar Rapids; Kathleen Knebel, Riverside; Cecelia Goltz, McGregor; Dorothy Schoonover, Vinton; Charlotte Jack, Vinton; and Violet Woodman, Dubuque.

Source: The Cedar Rapids Gazette, October 25, 1943 (photo included)

Kathleen Knebel Yeoman Third class, United States Naval Reserve, passed a 14 day leave at the home of her parents, Mr. And Mrs. Joseph Knebel at Riverside. Yeoman Knebel is stationed at the Naval Operating base, Norfolk, Va., and has returned there to continue her work in the District Intelligence Office.

Source: The Iowa City Press-Citizen, June 16, 1944

Kathleen Knebel Completes Navy Training Course

Riverside -- Miss Kathleen Knebel, a member of the WAVES and stationed at Norfolk, Va., has completed her navy training course for yeoman second class with a mark of 3.71 and all required practical factors for petty officer second class and for the rating of yeoman second class in accordance with D-5202 and D-5209.01 bureau of naval personnel manual and has been awarded her certificate of promotion according to word received here by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Knebel. Miss Knebel attend the local St. Mary's high school, from which she was graduated. She also attended a business college in Iowa City before she enlisted in the WAVES.

Source: The Iowa City Press-Citizen, November 28, 1944

Kathleen A. Knebel Receives Discharge

Riverside -- Kathleen A. Knebel, Yeoman 2/c, received her honorable discharge from the WAVE Separation center in Washington, D.C. recently after two and one-half years of service. Miss Knebel was inducted into the service in November 1943 and received her boot training at Hunter College in New York and attended the Oklahoma A&M college where she received her yeoman training

For the past two years she was stationed at the naval operating base in Norfolk, Va.

At present she is visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Knebel in Riverside.

Source: The Iowa City Press-Citizen, May 3, 1946