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Lt. Hildegarde Keller


Three Lutheran Hospital Graduates Enlist for Service in the U.S. Army


Three 1941 graduates of the Lutheran hospital school of nursing have enlisted for army service and will leave soon for Camp Bowie, near Brownfield, Tex. They are Geneva Wiland of Pleasant Valley, Ia., Miss Hildgarde Keller of Davenport and Miss Louise Behn of Rock Island.

Miss Wiland, niece of Mr. and Mr. G. George McDowell, formerly of 1330 Thirty-fifth street, Rock Island, has been an assistant on the maternity department since her graduation. Miss Keller has been an assistant in the women's department of Lutheran hospital since her graduation.

The nurses will leave for the Texas camp sometime after March 28.

Source: The Dispatch, March 17, 1942 (photo included)

Local Nurses on Africa Front

Three nurse of the tri-cities area, one from Davenport, one from Pleasant Valley and the third from Rock Island, Ill,all of whom graduated together form the school of nursing at the Moline Lutheran hospital school of nursing, are now serving together on the Africa front as army nurses. They hold commission as second lieutenants.

They are Lieut. Louise Behn, Lieut. Geneva Wiland, niece of Mrs. Geo. W McDowell, Pleasant Valley, and daughter of Otto Wiland of Bettendorf; and Lieut. Hildegarde Keller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Keller, of Davenport.

Upon their graduation from the nurses school they went to Camp Bowie, Tex, where they received their training and left for overseas duty in East Africa later in 1942.

Lieut. Wiland in a letter to Mrs. McDowell states all of the girls are in good health, that stockings cost $3.20 a pair and a small can of tomato juice is 44 cents.

Source: The Daily Times, March 10, 1943 (photo included)