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HA 1/c Betty Papenhausen Keihn




Lieut. Com. Joseph E. Rose, navy medical officer, takes the blood pressure of Betty Ann Keihn, who joined the WAVES after her husband was reported missing in action on the Anzio beachhead in Italy.

Woman Taking Place of Missing Husband

Somewhere on the Anzio beachhead in Italy, an Iowa infantryman wrote on St. Valentines day to his wife: "I won't be able to write you so often anymore."

Two days later he was reported missing in action.

Tuesday the wife, Betty Ann Keihn, 20 of Le Mars, Ia., took the oath as an apprentice seaman in the WAVES and will be sent to Hunter college, New York, for training.

Mrs. Keihn, an attractive brown-eyes brunette with dimples comes of a family which has a great many members in service. Besides her husband, Pvt. Eugene Keihn, a former Iowa national guardsman, she has three brothers and four brothers-in-law in service.

Mrs. Keihn, born in Omaha, Neb., was graduated from Central High school in Le Mars, Ia., and became the bride of Private Keihn on Oct. 13, 1942. Her husband had been overseas since last December 4, and the last letter she had from him - the one in which he said he wouldn't be able to write much - was written on February 14.

Mrs. Keihn's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Papenhausen, live in Sand Diego, Cal.

Source: DesMoines Tribune, May 3, 1944 (photo included)


Mrs. Edna Papenhausen of San Diego, California, has announced the marriage of her daughter, HA 1/c Betty Papenhausen Keihn, WAVES, to George Thomas Schusler, United States Naval Reserve. The wedding took place February 6, 1945, at San Diego where the young couple are stationed.

The Papenhausen family lived in LeMars for a number of years before moving to California. The bride attended school here and was a member of the 1942 graduating class of LeMars high school. She has been in the service about two years.

Source: LeMars Sentinel, May 4, 1945