Kossuth County


Lt. Mary P. Kain


Algona Nurse Cited For Bravery During Japanese Air Attack

Mary Kain, daughter of Mrs. John Kain, of Plum Creek township, is one of five civilian nurses who have just received letters of commendation from Rear Admiral Louis E. Denfield, U.S.N. assistant chief of the Bureau of Naval Personnel, Washington, D.C., for her bravery upon the occasion of the first Japanese air attack on the American naval base at Dutch Harbor, Alaska, last year.

Without regard to their personal safety, the five nurses gave aid to the military and civilian wounded at first aid stations in the open areas, exposed to the bombing attack, and assisted the surgeons in performing operations. Because of their help the suffering of the wounded was alleviated and the number of casualties was held to a minimum.

In his letter, Rear Admiral Denfield praised the nurses for their heroic conduct under trying conditions and expressed the gratitude of his Bureau and their assistance.

Source: Algona Upper DesMoines, April 22, 1943 (photo included)

Kossuth Nurse Part of North Africa Big General Hospital

First Lieutenant Mary P. Kain, daughter of Mrs. Mary Kain, Plum Creek township, is serving in one of the North African “Medical Centers,” the 46th General Hospital, which has handled more than 6,000 patients since it landed in North Africa in August of 1942, wounded soldiers from the Italian front as well as the sick men from the local areas. Of these patients 30 per cent have been returned to full duty, 28 per cent to limited duty and the balance returned to the United States for further treatment. Although the hospital was designed as a 1750 bed unit, it is claimed they can take in as many sick and wounded as there are tents and beds available. It is one of the largest medical centers in any of the European areas.

Source: Algona Upper Des Moines, June 13, 1944