Scott County

Pvt. Bessie D. Huff


Pvt. Bessie D. Huff, of the WACS, a former resident of 1416 Pershing avenue, finished her "basic" training at Ft. Des Moines last October and was transferred to the Mayo General hospital, Galesburg, Ill. She graduated Dec. 17, after spending eight weeks' training in a nurse's aid course and was among out of the class of 19, who received a recommendation for her work.

Pvt. Huff is a graduate of the Fairfield high school and had been employed by Mrs. Louis Block, 1416 Pershing Ave., prior to her enlistment in to the service.

Source: The Daily Times, January 2, 1945 (photo included)

Pfc. Bessie D. Huff of the WACS is spending a 12-day furlough with her sister Mrs. Harry Doyle, 2416 Tremont avenue.

Pfc. Huff has been serving as a nurse's aid since last December at the Mayo General hospital in Galesburg, Ill. Entering the service August 1944, she received her basic training at Ft. Des Moines and received her promotion to Pfc. Feb. 1.

Prior to joining the service, she was employed by the late Mrs Louis Block.

Source: The Daily Times, March 10, 1945 (photo included)

Sgt. Bessie D. Huff is spending a short furlough from Mayo hospital with her sister, Mrs. Jerry Doyle, 2416 Tremont avenue.

Sgt. Huff enlisted in the WAC in 1944 and reenlisted last December. She received her training at Ft. Des Moines and then was sent to the Galesburg hospital for training as hospital technician. After completing her course, she was assigned to the hospital staff, working in the paraplegic ward until those patients were transferred to Vaughan hospital, Hines, Ill. Sgt. Huff was sent there for 30 days temporary duty, returning to Mayo hospital at the end of April.

Following her return to the hospital, Sgt. Huff will be transferred to the army medical center, Washington, D.C.

Source: The Daily Times, July 23, 1946