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Lt. Norma Huesselman




Osage Girl Meets with Disaster on Her Way Overseas.

Osage -- Lt. Norma Huesselman, daughter of the Andrew Huesselmans, has been thru a harrowing experience during the last week, altho she is forbidden to write her parents any details. They have a letter, however, that contains enough information to let them know that the ship or plane on which she had embarked for foreign service met with a disaster of some kind and they had to return to port after being well on their way overseas.

Excerpts from her letter say: "I hope I never have to go thru such an experience would think I was lying if I told you what really happened...You would not know me. I am so brown and blistered...I have a terrible cold...this experience was unbelievable...We had mechanical trouble and I am back again now from the place we started."

Source: The Courier, Waterloo IA - September 26, 1943

Osage -- Lt. Norma Huesselman, U.S. army nursing corps, telephoned her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Huesselman, informing them that she had just arrived in New York, and after being in a camp near Chicago for a few days, would be home for a furlough. She came on the Queen Elizabeth in a six-day period, coming with the famous 44th division.

Lieutenant Huesselman has been a member of the 315th station hospital in England, and had been across nearly two years. Asking what she wished most in the excited telephone conversation, she said that her parents should have steak and a banana for her. She has been in service for three and a half years.

Source: The Courier, Waterloo IA - July 26, 1945