Harrison County

Bonnie J. Hubbard


WAVES From Iowa on Duty in Hawaii

These nine Iowa WAVES had reported for duty in Hawaii. Form left, front row: Elsie J. Watts, aviation machinist's mate, second class, of Sac City; Bonnie J. Hubbard, specialist second class, of Logan; Doris P. Grundon, yeoman third class, of Fort Dodge. Back row -- Ruth McVay, pharmacist's mate third class, of New Sharon; Frances L. Lorraine, aviator machinist's mate third class, of Lohrville; Darlene V. Shores, aviator machinist's mate third class, of Des Moines; Lillian M. Flowers, seaman first class, of Sioux City; Bettie J. Stirts, hospital apprentice first class, of Grimes; and Loretta Crow, storekeeper, second class, of Des Moines.

Source: The DesMoines Register, July 29, 1945 (group photograph included)