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Lt. Mabel Houtz



Lieut. Houtz, Who Saw Pearl Harbor Service, Is in City

Lieut. Mabel Houtz, who is stationed at Clinton, Oklahoma, where she has charge of the naval hospital dispensary, is a guest at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Houtz, 2412 S. Clinton Street, during a short leave from her duties.
Lieut. Houtz is one of the first nurses to leave the station at San Diego, California to go to Pearl Harbor immediately after the Jap bombing of that port. She spent 18 months there before receiving a new assignment, and later was given charge of the naval hospital dispensary at the Oklahoma station. She came to Sioux City to attend the graduation of her sister Mary as a nurse from St. Joseph’s hospital, at ceremonies Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Houtz are being complimented on the fact that all three of their daughters are nurses, two of them in their country’s service.

The third daughter, Lieut. Sara Jane Houtz, is an army nurse with the United States army in India, where she has been stationed for two years.

Source: The Sioux City Journal-Tribune, August 29, 1944