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Lt. Neva M. Holland


S.U.I. Women and the WAC

Former students and Alumnae Now Serve Overseas and in Army Bases Throughout This Country

DES MOINES -- Take a cross section of American women - and you have the WAC. Take a cross section of the higher-education WAC groups, and you have S.U.I. WACs.

They range from captain to private. You find them working for Uncle Sam wearing his uniform in every part of the country. There's one in England; there's another in Africa; there's a third simply "overseas". You'll find them at the air bases driving trucks, tanks, and jeeps at army camps, working in army hospitals, sending out messages by radio, teaching army subjects to army people.

Here is a partial list of them -- Iowa home girls only -- where they are and what they are doing since they switched from S.U.I to G.I.


SECOND LIEUT. NEVA MAE LITTLEJOHN of Sioux City is on duty at Ft. Des Moines. She enlisted in September 1943 and was commissioned last January. Following a B.S. from S.U.I., she was a teacher of physical training at the high school, Independence. Her brother, Kenneth, is in the navy.

Source: Iowa City Press Citizen, November 30, 1943

Neva Mae Littlejohn, R.V. Holland Married

Announcement is being made of the marriage of Lieut. Neva Mae Littlejohn, stationed with the Women's Army corps at Fort Des Moines, and Sergt. Ronald V. Holland, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Holland of Independence, Ia., took place December 18 at Independence. The Rev. Howard Palmer of Grundy Center, Ia. read the ceremony. Mrs. Holland has returned to her duties at Fort Des Moines and Mr. Holland to his post in Florida.

Source: DesMoines Tribune, December 25, 1943


Neva M. Holland has been promoted from second lieutenant to first lieutenant in the Wacs, according to a war department dispatch.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, April 23, 1944

State Bond Selling Queens Visit WACs

Iowa's top bond-selling queens visit with WAC Lieut. Neva M. Holland of Sioux City, Ia. Queens are (left to right) Margaret Leonard, Chariton (Miss Iowa); Mavis Olson, Thompson; Judith Fritz, Oakland; Beverley Warrell, Ames.

Source: The DesMoines Register, July 20, 1944 (photo included)