Woodbury County

Hazel J. Hofstad



Ten Sioux City Women Learn About Army in Waac Centers
Many Hope to See Service Abroad After Training

Studying war maps, military customs and courtesies, protection against air and chemical attacks and other phases of basic training, 10 Sioux City women are learning about army life in Waac training centers.

Other Waacs in training at Des Moines include Elva K. Davenport, Gladys R. Yeaman and Alfreda Zinser. Auxiliaries Kathryn M. Bolte and Irma L. Richardson are stationed at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia and Auxiliary Hazel J. Hofstad is stationed with a Waac aircraft warning service company in Richmond, Virginia.

March was named “Waacruiting month” by Gov. Bourke B. Hickenlooper. The drive will be climaxed here on March 19 and 20, when the Waac recruiting team will visit the city to enlist new members.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, March 9, 1943