Polk County

Lt. (j.g.) Lorraine Hesalroad




Physical directors and recreation leaders in the WAVES are having an easier time with their instruction because Lieut. (j.g.) Lorraine Hesalroad prepared a think brochure on a physical fitness program.

Lieutenant Hesalroad, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Hesalroad, 2815 Forty-fifth st., is assigned as assistant physical director for the Ben Morrell housing project near Norfolk, Va. Approximately 5,000 navy families live there. Part of her work is to keep up morale and health.

During the months she was personnel director at the United States naval air station at Seattle, Wash., Lieutenant Hesalroad prepared her booklet, now used extensively on the west coast.

Lieutenant Hesalroad was in charge of physical education at the State Teachers college at Mankato, Minn. at the time she enlisted in the WAVES in Nov. 1942. She received her bachelor's and master's degree in physical education from the State University of Iowa, Iowa City, Ia.

She illustrated some of the games and exercises with her own 'stick' drawings.

Source: The Des Moines Register, August 23, 1944 (photo included)