Van Buren County

Lt. Mary Margaret Heminger



Des Moines in the Services

Mary Margaret Heminger, formerly of 915 Locust st., has been commissioned a second lieutenant in the marines after completing her indoctrination at Mount Holyoke college, Northampton, Mass.

Lieutenant Heminger formerly was employed by the Iowa State senate. She has now been assigned to active duty at a marine post.

Source: The DesMoines Tribune, July 6, 1943 (photo included)

First Birthday Reached For Women of Marines

The 325 or more Iowa women who preferred service to their country and a forestry green uniform to civilian life will be among the approximate 12,000 member of the United States marine corps women's reserve observing their first birthday.

None of them had a chance to see the halls of Montezuma or the shores of Tripoli, but each one enlisted has freed a marine for service overseas. Members of the corps serve only within continental United States.

Activities of the following Iowa members of the marines are representative of the service of the corps:


Second Lieutenant Mary Margaret Heminger, Keosauqua, working in the law office, Cherry Point.

Source: The DesMoines Register, February 13, 1944 (photo included)