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Lt. Helen Heires



Lieut. Helen Heires Now in Training at Camp Carson, Colo.

Second Lieutenant Helen M. Heires, who enlisted in the army nurse corps last fall and recently received her call to active duty, is training at Camp Carson, Colo., for three weeks. Lieut. Heires, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Heires, is a graduate of the St. Anthony Hospital School of Nursing.

Her present address is: Lieutenant Helen M. Heires, N-776864, A. N.C., T.C., Bldg. E 3813, Camp Carson, Colo.

Source: Carroll Daily Times Herald, August 22, 1944

Helen Heires, ANC, Is First Lieutenant

Helen Heires, of the army nurse corps, has been promoted from second to first lieutenant. Lt Heires, attached to the general hospital in the Marianas, is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Heires.

Source: Carroll Daily Times Herald, May 24, 1945

AMONG SIX NUNS...taking part in a traditional departure ceremony prior to sailing for India today is Sr. M. Martin, R.N. (Helen Heires) of Carroll, who is second from the right. The other mission-bound nuns are: Sr. M. Thaddeus, R.N., Sr. M. Juliana, R.N., Sr. M. Collette, R.N., Sr. M. Francis, M.D., and Sr. M. William, R.N. At the extreme right is Miss Angela Trindade, wearing the Hindu dress or sari. Miss Trindade is a prominent Catholic artist from Bombay who is devoting her talents to depicting the mysteries of the Catholic faith for her own people by paintings in Indian style.

Sr. M. Martin (Helen Heires) Sails for Rawalpindi, India


Sister M. Martin Heires, R.N. (Helen Heires of Carroll) a medial Mission Sister, participated in a traditional departure ceremony September 26, prior to her sailing for India. The ceremony was held at the Church of St. John the Evangelist in Philadelphia, in one of whose suburbs, Fox Chase, the Motherhouse is located.

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Heires, Sr. M. Martin attended St. Lawrence grade school and St. Angela academy, Carroll. She received her degree as a registered nurse at St. Anthony hospital in Carroll.

Before her entrance into the Society of Catholic Medical Missionaries, which is a religious community founded in 1925 whose special work is the care of the sick in the missions. Sr. Martin spent some time as a graduate nurse at Sacred Heart hospital at Idaho Falls, Idaho. During the war, as a member of the Army Nurses corps, she served overseas in Saipan, Okinawa and Japan.

Source: Carroll Daily Times Herald, October 14, 1949 (photo included)