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Capt. Myra H. Heeren



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Myra H. Heeren, a member of the Iowa Board of Nurse Examinations, has resigned from that position and joined the army nurses corps. She reported to Camp Carson, Colorado Springs, Colo., Tuesday. She will go in with the rank of lieutenant.

In 1937, Lieutenant Heeren joined the nursing staff of the Iowa Methodist hospital as a science instructor; since 1940 she has held the position of education director. Lieutenant Heeren also was president of the Iowa State League of Nursing.

Source: The Des Moines Tribune, October 5, 1943 (photo included)


Washington -- The war department Tuesday announced the promotion of Capt. Genevieve Smith, army nurse corps, Dubuque, Ia. to major.

Promotions to other Iowans were as follows:

Lieutenants to captain - Myra H. Heeren, army nurse corps, Creston; Charles A. Striegel, infantry, Des Moines; Edward E. Anderson, medical corps, Dubuque and Donald G. Colby, signal corps, Monona.

Second to first lieutenant -- Maryann Hughes, army nurse corps, Clear Lake; Mabel S. Heth, army nurse corps, and Hazel F. Kallenbach, women's auxiliary corps, both of Des Moines, Aletha Steen, army nurse corps, Iowa City; Isadore A. Dilley, army nurse corps, Kingsley, and Ruth M.E. Kosbau, army nurse corps, Waukon.

Source: Quad City Times, July 19, 1944