Bremer County

Cpl. Florence O. Hastings



Bremer Women Serve U.S.

Two young women from Bremer county are now receiving training in auxiliary corps of the army and navy.

Florence Hastings, formerly of Waverly, has begun her basic training in the WAAC's at the Army Post branch at Des Moines, and Edna Moulton has completed her basic training for service in the WAVES at Cedar Falls and been assigned to a navy trade school at Washington, D.C.

Miss Hastings taught in a rural school near Plainfield prior to her enlistment in the WAACs and Miss Moulton was an Iowa Public Service employee in Waverly.

Source: The Courier, February 7, 1943

70 Pct. Of Iowa WACs From Fighting Families

A survey of approximately 70 per cent of the total Iowa WAC enlistment reveals its close integration with the war effort through service of members overseas and in this county, and through other members of their families.


18 Iowa WACs known to be serving overseas follows:

Pvt. (f.c.) Florence O. Hastings, Plainfield, Ia, in England since last July was transferred recently to the headquarters of the 8th Fighting Command.  The type of work she does is not made public and required special training at an R.A.F. training station. Her mother recently received a letter of commendation of her work from Pvt. Hasting’s company commander.

Source: Des Moines Register, December 5, 1943

Plainfield -- Cpl. Florence Hastings, daughter of Mr. and Mr.s Harry Hatsings is home for a 15-day furlough after spending 16 months overseas. Enlisting in December, 1942, she went to England with the first WAC group and has been in the London area with the Eight air force, working in the operations room. Upon completion of her furlough, she will return to Camp Atterbury, Ind., for reassignment. Before her enlistment she was a rural teacher in Bremer county.

Source: The Courier, Waterloo, IA - November 17, 1944 (photo included)