Cerro Gordo County

Sgt. Florence K. Hansen


FIRST MARINES -- Miss Florence K. Hansen and Miss Evelyn L. Grunz are Mason City's first volunteers to be called into the Marines. They will report for training at Hunter college, New York City, March 24.

Miss Hansen, who was sworn in on March 6, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hansen, 816 Washington avenue southwest, and has been employed at the Iowa State Brand creamery. She is a graduate of St. Joseph high school in 1940.

Miss Grunz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs H.J. Grunz, 946 Eleventh street northwest, was sworn in March 8. She is a graduate of Mason City junior college in 1942 and has been employed at Yelland and Hanes.

Source: Mason City Globe-Gazette, March 23, 1943 (photo included)

CHRISTMAS COME TO MARINES, TOO -- Third from the left is Sgt. Florence K. Hansen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hansen, 815 Washington S.W., who is pictured with a the group of marines practicing carols for the Christmas Eve services of the Marine Corps Women's Reserve. The group includes left to right, Sgt. Modelle Cope of Detroit, Sgt. Leonaora McKeever, Sgt. Hansen and Sgt. Myra Patricia Mullins of San Francisco. Sergeant Hansen is stationed a the San Francisco western procurement division office.

Source: Mason City Globe-Gazette, December 18, 1943 (photo included)