Pottawattamie County

Mary Lou Hammer




To celebrate her first anniversary as a SPAR in the U.S. coast guard, Mary Lou Hammer has returned to her home here for an 18-day leave. She will visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Hammer.

Miss Hammer has been assigned to the public relations office of the coast guard headquarters in southern California. There she has been the envy of many of her SPAR 'shipmates' because of her duty in this division of coast guard activities since public relations is considered to be 'glamorous' department of the military service.

Her duty station is close to the heart of the film industry, Hollywood, and much of the 'official business' includes contacts by the coast guard with interesting personalities from the world of motion pictures, radio and newspapers.

At a party for the SPARS by the Masqueres club, an actor's organization, Miss Hammer met Ronald Colman, Virginia Mayo, Edward Arnold, and Charles Cobern. She has also appeared in a motion picture herself, filmed by Warner Brothers and entitled 'Yankee Doodle's Daughters.'

Miss Hammer, a yeoman, 3/c, took her basic and specialized training at the SPAR training station in Palm Beach, Fla., and was assigned to duty on the Pacific Coast last November.

She is a graduate of Abraham Lincoln high school, and was employed by the Wholesale Radio Laboratories prior to enlisting one year ago this month.

Her brother, Glen, is in the army at Fort Sill, Okla.; her sister, Mrs. Ralph Morris, was in the WAVES until recently.

Source: Council Bluffs Nonpareil, April 9, 1945 (photo included)