Fayette County

Euna B. Hahn


Oelwein Girl Enrolls in WAAC

Euna B. Hahn of Cedar Rapids, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Grummitt, enrolled in the WAAC April 10 at Des Moines. She has been spending the past few days with her parents here and visiting with other relatives and friends. She has returned to Cedar Rapids to her work and will await her call to active duty.

Source: The Oelwein Daily Register, April 29, 1943

Two Women Complete Enlistment in WAAC

Sylvia T. Peet, 1269 Second avenue SE, and Euna B. Hahn, 517 Fourth avenue SE, have completed enlistment in the WAAC and will be called to duty June 3, it was reported at the Cedar Rapids army recruiting station Tuesday.

Miss Peet will report to the third WAAC training center at Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., and Miss Hahn to Fort Des Moines. Before entering the corps, Miss Hahn was employed as personnel director and supervisor of Davis Cleaners.

She is the third member of her family to enter the service. One brother, Lieut. Berl D. Grummitt, is serving with the army in India, and another brother, Seaman Second Class Harold Grummitt, is in the navy medical corps.

Source: The Cedar Rapids Gazette, May 25, 1943