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Marian Helen Haglund




Group of Girls Who Have Enlisted in WAVES.Front Row, left to right -- Irene Tompkins, Jeanne Schleich, and Caroline White-Bear.
Second row -- Aurelia Atkinson, Marian Haglund and Maurine Wacker.

Above are six of the 15 young women, sworn into the WAVES Thursday by Lieut. William Black of Chicago, U.S.N.  They comprise the second group to join the WAVES since the campaign opened, with headquarters at the Hotel Blackhawk.  It is expected that the number of enlistees from this area will be more than 100.

Those sworn in yesterday are:
Aurelia Geraldine Atkinson, 1802 West Third street, Davenport;
Josephine Aldia DeGeeter, 1842 Fifteenth street, Moline;
Ann Catherine Edwards, 105 Main street, Davenport;
Mariam Helen Haglund, 2416 Harrison street, Davenport;
Juanita Johnson, Lorraine Johnson, Janet Esther Lind, and Bernadette Ellen Mungen, Clinton, Ia.

Muriel Jean Randall, 1018 Pershing avenue, Davenport;
Jeanne Marie Schleich, 2412 Fifteenth avenue, Moline;
Bernadine Lois Sellers, 1509 ½ Sixth avenue, Moline;
June Elizabeth Tompkins, route No. 1, East Moline;
Elsie Marie Victor, 516 Eighteenth and one-half avenue, Rock Island;
Maurine Caroline Wacker, 1329 Ripley street, Davenport;
Carolyn White-Bear, 1505 Pershing avenue, Davenport.

Miss White-Bear is an Indian, who attended the State Teachers college in Minot, N.D., and is now employed at the Rock Island arsenal.

In addition to those announced yesterday, others who have joined the WAVES during the campaign are:
Margaret Emma James, 217 West Fourth street, Davenport;
Maxine and Nadean Keeffer, 1211 Bridge avenue, Davenport;
Kathryn Lucinda Nelson, 3133 Eleventh street, Rock Island;
Helen Katharine Vaughn, 2917 Boies avenue, Davenport. 

Source: The Daily Times, Davenport, Iowa, July 23, 1943 (group photograph included)

Mariam H. Haglund Is Teaching Link Training in WAVES

Teaching music was interesting to Mariam H. Haglund, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.N. Haglund, 2416 Harrison street, but she finds another kind of teaching in the navy to be more fascinating. She is a Link trainer instructor at the naval air station near Hutchinson, Kan.

For two year prior to her enlistment, Miss Haglund was a music teacher. She had graduated in 1941 from Grinnell college with a degree in music and the year preceding her entry in to the navy, taught that subject at the Prairie City Independent school, Prairie City, Ia.

She enlisted last July and received her boot training at Hunter college. She received a special Link training course, and she now teaches pilots the fundamentals of blind flying.

Source: The Daily Times, December 14, 1943

WAVE of the Day

Miss Marian Haglund, specialist technician, second class, has left for the U.S. naval air station in Hutchinson, Kan., after spending a ten-day leave with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Haglund, 216 Harrison street, Davenport.

A graduate of Grinnell college where she majored in music, Miss Haglund enlisted in the WAVES a year ago. She received her boot training at Hunter college in New York City and her advanced training as a link trainer instructor at the naval air station in Atlanta, Ga.

She was recently promoted to her petty officer, second class rating.

Source: The Daily Times, August 21, 1944 (photo included)