Mahaska County

Lorna Gutknecht



Part of a group of 33 Air-WAC enlistees, there four Iowa girls will soon begin their six week basic training at Fort Des Moines. Evelyne Streit (front) 20, of Waterloo, has a brother in the army; Kathryn E. Quinn (left) 27, of 1973 S.E. Ninth st. has two brothers in the service, as does Lorna Gutknecht (top), 20, who was born in India, where her parents, the Rev. and Mrs Theo Gutnecht of Oskaloosa, were serving as missionaries. Forth recruit, Esther E. Dahleiden, 24, of Iowa City, will wear the colors for her family.

Source: The DesMoines Tribune, January 13, 1944 (photo included)