Howard County

Pvt. Vera F. Grimm


8 in Family In Service

Pvt. Vera F. Grimm, Cresco, Ia., is the eight member of her family in military service.

She now is in WAC basci training at Fort Des Moines, Ia.

Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Fenske, received word last week that their son Pvt. (f.c.) Elmer F. Fenske, was killed in action in Italy, Jan. 3.

Private Grimm's husband, Sylvester N. Grimm, technician, fourth grade, is stationed at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., in the medical detachment.

Her other brothers are Corp. Lloyd H, North Camp Polk, La.; Sergt. Verne A., overseas; Corp Calvin C., Glendale, Cal., in army air forces, and Sergt, William J. Fenske, in the army in Italy. Her brother-in-law, Corp. Floyd O. Gager, is in the South Pacific with the marine corps.

"My husband and brothers in the United States encouraged me to enlist in the WAC. My brothers overseas didn't know I was enlisting, but I'm sure they'd be all for it."

Prior to her enlistment, Private Grimm was chief clerk of the rationing board at Cresco.

Source: The DesMoines Tribune, January 26, 1944 (photo included)