Black Hawk County

Elsie Marie Granseth




Cedar Falls, Ia. -- Miss Elsie Marie Granseth, 22, of 815 West Twenty second street, secretary to Miss Anne Stuart Duncan, librarian of Iowa State Teachers college, Wednesday was awaiting a call to active duty in the Spars, women's reserve of the U.S. Coast guard, into which she was accepted last week at Des Moines.

She is the daughter of Edwin Granseth, 815 West Twenty second street, and hopes to obtain yeoman work in the Spars, she said. Miss Granseth enlisted thru the navy recruiting station in Waterloo.

Source: The Courier, Waterloo, IA - February 24, 1943

Shown are two Spars, one from Cedar Falls, in a picture taken on the west coast just before they left for Hawaii where they are now stationed for coast guard duty with the first women's overseas group.

Left is Miss Elsie M. Granseth, yeoman second class and daughter of Ed Granseth, 2516 Olive street, Cedar Falls. With Phyllis Marie Bagley (right) also yeoman second class, Lansing, Mich, she bids goodbye to two pets at the west coast Spar station.

Source: The Courier, Waterloo, IA - February 1, 1945 (photo included)