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Lt. Ruth E. Gentry



Two Teachers Join WAAC

Miss Virginia Patterson and Miss Ruth Gentry, both of 500 Wellington street, teachers in Sloane Wallace Junior High school and West Junior High, have been accepted in the women's army auxiliary corps and will report at Fort Des Moines Wednesday to start basic training as auxiliaries. They planned to leave Waterloo Monday. Miss Patterson is preparatory room teacher in Sloane Wallace and Miss Gentry teaches girl's physical education in Sloane Wallace and West Junior Highs. Both have taught here for four and one-half years. Miss Patterson's home is in Des Moines and Miss Gentry's in Corning, Ia.

Source: The Courier (Waterloo) 18 January 1943 (photo included)

Separated together from the Wac recently, in continuance of almost duplicate careers, were two former Sloane Wallace teachers, Capt. Virginia C. Patterson, left, and Lt. Ruth E. Gentry, who had served at Kelly field, Tex., since entering service 30 months ago. They roomed together at 500 Wellington while in Waterloo.

Former Teachers Here 'Separated Together' After 2 Years in War

Capt. Virginia C. Patterson and Lt. Ruth E. Gentry, of the Wac, former teachers at Sloane-Wallace junior high school, were separated from the service recently after serving at Kelly field, Tex., since October, 1943. Their being 'separated together' was true to form since they seem to prefer doing everything just that way.

They launched their army careers together in January, 1943, after teaching together in Waterloo for approximately five years. Having practically identical backgrounds, the girls were classified in the same capacity.

After basic training and officers' candidate school, they were sent to Kelly Field together. Now that they are out of the service, they are making plans to enter a university together to complete their graduate work.

Captain Patterson was assigned to the military training division, personnel and training division, Kelly Field, as Chief training aids branch, which position she held until her separation. For her work in that activity, she was awarded the Army Commendation ribbon "for having performed meritorious duty in maintaining the training aids service at the highest possible degree of efficiency, and rendering exceptional assistance to tactical units in training for overseas duty."

Lieutenant Gentry served in the officers' classification branch, personnel and training division, during her entire tour of duty at Kelly Field, and at the time of her separation was in charge of that activity.
Captain Patterson, whose mother, Mrs Henryetta Patterson, lives in Des Moines, was prevocational and remedial instructors, and Lieutenant, daughter of Jules Gentry in Corning, Ia.,taught physical education at Sloane Wallace school. They made their home at 500 Wellington street.

Source: The Courier (Waterloo) April 14, 1946 (photo included)