Scott County

Sgt. Irene Geiken


Miss Irene Geiken, 526 1/2 East Sixth street, successfully passed her physical examination for entry into the WAACS at an examination held in Des Moines.

Miss Geiken, who is employed at the Abrahams store beauty parlor, has returned to Davenport to await her call to service which she expects in about two to three weeks. She hopes to be assigned to a secretarial school when she returns for training.

Source: The Daily Times, Davenport IA - February 13, 1943 (photo included)

Leave Here Sunday to Join WAACS

Five young women from Davenport and one from Rock Island will leave Sunday on the Rocket for Des Moines to start their primary training in the WAACS. This is the largest single contingent to leave Davenport for this branch of service since it was opened to recruiting.

The young women, who will leave are: Standing, left to right: Mrs. Dorothy Hartwig, R.R. No 2 daughter-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Hartwig; Miss Anna Marie Ziegler, Rock Island and Mrs. Helyn M. Walker, 131 West Thirteenth street, daughter of Mrs. Edna E. Walker. Mrs. Walker has been employed at the arsenal.

Seated, left to right are, Miss Sylvia Ross, 1317 West Third street, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Ross. Miss Ross has been employed at Grants and Miss Irene Geiken, 526 East Sixth street, daughter of Mrs. H. Geiken, Miss Geiken has been employed at the Abraham's Beauty salon.

The sixth member of the contingent, not in the picture, is Miss Florence Dixon, of 1624 Elm street, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Dixon of Bloomfield, Ia. Miss Dixon has been employed for the past year in the office of the department of justice in Davenport.

Source: The Daily Times, Davenport IA - March 6, 1943 (photo included)

CHECKING PLANES -- Irene Gieken, daughter of Mrs. M. H. Geiken, 526 East Sixth street, Davenport, now serving as corporal in the Air - WAC section of the Women's Army Corps is seated in the cockpit of a plane at Dow Field, Bangor, Me., where she is about to check the radio transmitter. WACs are now handling over 200 different types of jobs at the air forces bases and flying field. Corp. Geiken enlisted in the WACs last spring and received her training at Ft. Des Moines.

Source: Quad-City Times, Davenport IA - April 2, 1944 (photo included)

Cpl. Irene Geiken, WAC Recruiter, Is On Furlough Here

Cpl. Irene Geiken, a recruiter for the WACS at Bangor, Maine, is home to spend 12 days with her mother, Mrs. F. F. Fude, 2026 Sturdevant, and her sister, Mrs. A. J. McKeone, 736 East Sixth street.

Cpl. Geiken took her basic training at Fort Des Moines, and was later stationed at Boston, Mass, as well as in various other places in the New England states.

She attended Davenport high school and prior to entering the service she was employed as Abraham's Beauty Salon.

Source: The Daily Times, Davenport IA - May 24, 1944 (photo included)

WAC recruiter Irene Geiken has been promoted to the rank of sergeant after completing training at the adjutant general's school at Fort Sam Houston, Tex. She was one of 10 percent of the national recruiters chosen to grain the rank of superior recruiter

Sgt. Geiken will report to Augusta Me., to continue her work in the New England region.

Source: The Daily Times, Davenport IA - September 22, 1944