Pottawattamie County

Kola S. Gallagher




The six Iowa WAAC officer candidates who will be graduated and get their gold bars in ceremonies at Fort Des Moines Saturday got together to discus their hopes for the future. From left to right are: Irene O. Galloway of Templeton; Ruth Elizabeth Woods of Des Moines; Helen C. Grote of Neola; Mrs. Kola Snyder of Council Bluffs; Elizabeth Louise Flanagan of Cedar Rapids, and Mrs. Marcella Miller McCue of Greely. Officer course is being completed by 243 women.

Source: DesMoines Tribune, September 11, 1942 (photo included)


Washington, D.C. -- Promotions for eleven Iowans in the women's army auxiliary corps were announce Tuesday night.

The following officers were advanced to the rank of first officer, the WAAC equivalent of captain: Clara G. Han, 1063 Twenty-first st, Des Moines; Marion C. Lichty, Waterloo; Kathleen McClure, Iowa Falls, and Helen E. Hanson, 726 Guthrie st, Des Moines.

Promoted from the rank of third officer to second officer, WAAC equivalent of first lieutenant: Clara J. Courson, Belmond; Elizabeth L. Flanagan, Cedar Rapids; Kola S. Gallagher, Council Bluffs; Vera E. Stiver, 4309 Allison ave., Des Moines; Jeanne E. Hardie, Dubuque and Marcella M. McCue, Greeley.

Source: The Des Moines Register, April 21, 1943