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Betty May Gabrielson


Des Moines in the Services

Two Des Moines women have enlisted in the WAVES and are awaiting calls to active duty. They are Melva P. Boggs, 961 Twenty-first st., and Betty May Gabrielson, 1216 Garfield ave.

Source: Des Moines Tribune, January 20, 1944

Betty May Gabrielson Scribner Lundberg - U.S. Navy WAVE

Betty May Gabrielson was born May 8, 1921 to Henry Carl and Emma Christina Peterson Gabrielson. She died June 26, 1993 in Riverside, CA.

Betty May served with the U.S. Navy WAVES in World War II at the US Naval Barracks, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, Washington, D.C.

Source: ancestry.com