Dickinson County

Lt. Edythe I. Buns




Appointment of Edythe I. Buns to the Army Nurses Corps, Army of the United States, with the rank of second lieutenant, was announced today at the headquarters of the Sixth Service Command in Chicago.

Miss Edythe I. Buns of 3040 W. North Ave, Chicago, Illinois was graduated from Walther Memorial Hospital of Chicago and has been practicing nursing at Walther Memorial Hospital.

Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Buns, live in Terril, Iowa. She has been assigned to Camp McCoy, Sparta, Wisconsin effective November 30, 1944.

Source: The Terril Record, November 30, 1944

Terril Girl Now an Army Nurse in Service

Edythe Buns is the middle daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Buns and came to Terril 16 1/2 years ago from Woden. She received her elementary schooling here and after graduating took two years at the I.S.T.C., Cedar Falls. She entered the nurses school at Walther Memorial Hospital, Chicago Feb. 28, 1940 and graduated Feb. 23, 1944. She was supervisor of this hospital until entering the army, Nov. 28, 1944 at Camp McCoy, Wis. She has been at Station Hospital at Fort Sheridan, Illinois since Dec. 28, 1944.

Edythe was 22 March 24. Everyone here knows and likes Edythe and admires her for her conscientious work in school and in her nursing career. She has two sisters, Evelyn Mathis at Gaza and Elaine Buns who is bookkeeper at the Farmers Elevator.

Source: The Terril Record, April 19, 1945 (photo included)