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Katherine Brynie


Iowans Take Examinations for Army Nursing

Student reserves who have completed applications for the army nursing corps, Marguerite Wallace (left), 21, nurse at Jennie Edmundson hospital, Council Buffs, and Katherine Brynie, (center), 21 of Mercy hospital, Des Moines, discuss their plans with Mrs. Paul Howland, 647 Fifty-seventh st., of the Red Cross recruitment committee. A record class of 576 young women began taking state board nurse examinations Tuesday at the statehouse.

Source: The DesMoines Register, September 20, 1944 (photo included)


Both graduate nurse of Mercy hospital last spring and recently enlisted as members of the army nursing corps, Katherine Brynie (left) 2912 Fifth st., and Leila Clausen of Austin, Minn., stand before a Red Cross nurse recruiting poster. The girls, also members of the Red Cross student nurse reserve, are awaiting assignment to duty with the corps. Many nurses are needed to serve all branches of the armed services, according to the nurse recruiting committee of the Red Cross, Polk county chapter.

Source: The DesMoines Tribune, November 20, 1944 (photo included)

Lt. Katherine Brynie Is Fiancee of Lt. C.T. Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Erwin, 2912 Fifth ave., announce the engagement of their daughter, Lt. Katherine L. Byrnie, to Lt. Charlton T. Howard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Scaubell of Washington, D.C.

Lieutenant Byrnie is a nurse with the Twentieth General hospital in Assam, India. Lieutenant Howard is the chief liaison officer with the Chinese Military Police in India and Burma.

Lieutenant Byrnie attended Loretta Heights college in Denver, Colo., and was graduated from the Mercy Hospital school of nursing in Des Moines.

Lieutenant Howard was graduated from Belmont Abbey college in Belmont, N.C. and took further studies at Wafford college in Spartanburg, S.C. Upon discharge, he plans to enter diplomatic service with the Federal State department.

Source: The Des Moines Register, September 9, 1945 (photo included)