Pottawattamie County

Lt. Phyllis M. Briley

1946 Photo



Local Girl in Army Nurse Corps

Phyllis Briley, daughter of Mrs. Mable Cody, 180 Fifteenth avenue, has been enlisted in the army nurse corps, and will report to Camp Carson, Colo., Tuesday, Feb. 29, for basic training.

A graduate of the Jennie Edmundson school of nursing, she will be commissioned a second lieutenant upon completion of her basic training.

Source: The Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil, February 25, 1944 (photo included)

2,000 MEMBER -- Lt. Phyllis M. Briley, war nurse and daughter of Mrs.Walter S. Cody, 180 Fifteenth avenue, is the 2,000th member to join Rainbow post No. 2, American Legion. Lt. Briley after service in Europe, now is seeking a post as an airline stewardess.

Source: The Council Bluffs Nonpareil, April 23, 1946 (photo included)

Phyllis Maxine Briley Doak was born Oct. 4, 1919 to Philip A. and Mabel I. Cogley Briley. She died Mar. 28, 1989 in Los Angeles, CA.

Phyllis served in World War II with the U.S. Army Nurse Corps at Camp Crowder Station Hospital and 200th General Hospital.

Source: ancestry.com