Scott County

Lucie Briegel



Ten young women left yesterday for Hunter college, the Bronx, N.Y., to start their basic training in the WAVES. They enlisted during the special drive in the quad-cities last month.

Shown above, they are as follows:

Back row, left to right: Jean Conner, 920 Tremont avenue; Aurelia Atkinson, 1802 West Third street; Joy Louise Steenson, 1429 Brady street; Rosanna V. Boesch, 1712 1/2 West Seventh street and Lucie Briegel, 417 East Tenth street.

Front row, Rose A. Fulli, 1402 West Fourth street; Helen Kerker, 709 Grand avenue; Anna H. Lueders, 1415 East High street; Moyle Moore, 2640 Redwood avenue and Virginia Fleming of Bryant S.D.

Source: The Daily Times, September 23, 1943 (large group photo included)

PROTECTION -- Means of protection is one thing which Lucie Briegel, yeoman, third class, surely does not lack in her work in the district ordnance office at the U.S. naval training center. She is shown here examining one of the weapons donated by civilians for use of naval personnel during the war. Her job is to issue these guns to persons who have need and permission to carry them. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Briegel, 417 East Tenth street, Davenport, Yeoman Breigel entered the WAVES in September, 1943. She was trained at hunter college, New York City, and at yeoman's school, Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Source: The Quad City Times, July 30, 1944 (photo included)