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Frances Betzel


54 JOIN THE WAVES -- Pictures above and on the left are 17 of the 54 who passed examinations and were sworn into the WAVES late Thursday. They are among the 75 from the Tri-city area who will depart Aug 11 for Hunter college, New York, to start their training.

In the picture are:

Front row, left to right -- Jean Beckwith, Mary Gertrude McGinn, Margaret Blunt (Moline), Gladys Frederick and Jean Lay.
Second row -- Mary Kelly, Twila Tompkins, Florence Norton, Barbara Smith and Priscilla Otis.
Third row -- Frances Betzel, Doris Van Hecke, Mary Louise Nugent, Deloris Donnelly and Janet Brown.

Source: Quad-City Times, August 6, 1943 (group photo included)

Miss Frances Betzel, a storekeeper, third class in the WAVES, daughter of Mrs. Myrtle Betzel of 1407 1/2 Harrison street, Davenport, became the bride of Sgt. Bruce Lindahl, son of Major and Mrs. John Lindahl of Crosby, Minn., who are at present in Pueblo, Colo., on Monday Dec. 18, in Olathe, Kan., where the bride is stationed.

The vows were spoken in the chapel, with Chaplain William S. Woodman officiating at 6 p.m. The attendants were Marciel Lacy, a WAVE, and Ensign Paul R. Marshall. The bridal couple and their attendants wore their uniforms.

A reception was held in the recreation center, after which the bridal couple left for a week's honeymoon in Pueblo and Colorado Springs. The bride returned to her duties at the naval air station in Olathe, and the bridegroom left for Memphis, Tenn., to await further assignment.

The bride has been in the service since September, 1943, and after her "boot" training at Hunter college
in New York, was in Miledgeville, Ga., where she met Sgt. Lindahl.

Sgt. Lindahl is a radio man on a P.B.Y., an emergency rescue squadron in the army air corps. Prior to entering the service he was a photographer with the Barinerd, Minn., newspaper.

Source: The Daily Times, December 27, 1944 (photo included)